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Finding the Best Locations Nationwide

Royal Seal Development, Inc. employs an experienced team and together, they make sure each piece of the development puzzle receives full attention and there are no surprises.

Gene Colley, president of Royal Seal Development, Inc. is an experienced real estate developer as well as a general contractor. An ICSC Certified Development Professional, Gene has navigated clients through various seemingly overwhelming projects.

Royal Seal Development, Inc. employees have first-hand, multi-state experience; easily adapting to different city and state procedures. They are equipped to strategically evaluate the cities in which its clients desire to establish a presence and select the site that would be most beneficial to them. From site selection and due diligence, to permitting and construction, Royal Seal is capable of performing every function to complete the development puzzle.

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Leave the “Shopping” to Royal Seal

We’ve all heard that the most important element in your store’s success is location, location, location. Finding the right site also means pinpointing the best location within your demographic area.

Royal Seal’s nationwide site selection services will work with you and your team and find the right locations in order for your chain to meet your real estate goals and objectives. Leave the details to us, we will “shop” nationwide for your sites and find the diamonds in the rough you are looking for.

Due DiligenceDue Diligence

Finding the Site is just the beginning

Even the best locations have hidden soils and environmental issues that can hinder your development process. Once we have found the site, we make sure that it meets the requirements for construction.

Royal Seal takes care of your due diligence concerns by coordinating surveys, geo-technical evaluation, utilities, and environmental studies. Our expert team of engineers will make sure that your site is in compliance and ready to go.

Royal Seal Development Development

Build-to-suit development differs from speculative development in that the needs and specific requirements of the user are driving forces guiding the design and location of the facility as opposed to building a building and trying to make it fit the needs of a tenant.

We work with talented architects and engineers to create your site plan, your elevations, your plans and specification, all while value-engineering the project to save time and money.

Royal Seal ConstructionConstruction

Royal Seal’s experience allows for a constant focus on all details associated with a build-to-suit while simultaneously meeting time constraints. We understand how to deliver a quality building and all related site development and can do so through a build-to-suit relationship.

Understanding the importance of schedules and budgets is the key to Royal Seal’s success. With this always in mind, we assemble a qualified team of architects, engineers, and subcontractors based on past history, geographic location, size, and our customer’s needs for each project.

Our design and construction team can make your new project seem effortless. A partnership with Royal Seal takes the real estate and development process off your task list and gives you the freedom to concentrate on the operations of your business.

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